Melatonina: aiuta a proteggere cuore e peso

La melatonina, ormone molto importante per il nostro organismo, aiuta a proteggere il nostro cuore e a controllare il peso. Solitamente, questo ormone, viene consigliato e utilizzato nel favorire il sonno. Le azioni benefiche a livello del cuore, sono, soprattutto, quelle di prevenire le malattie cardiovascolari abbassando i livelli del colesterolo cattivo o LDL, e di aumentare quello buono o HDL. Questo è il risultato di uno studio condotto da un gruppo di ricercatori dell’Università di Granada (Spagna), pubblicato sul Journal of Pineal Research. Per ora la ricerca è stata condotta sugli animali, topi affetti da obesità e diabete. La somministrazione della melatonina ha dato dei risultati positivi nel migliorare la condizione di obesità e del metabolismo sia degli zuccheri che del colesterolo. Gli studi continueranno per poter esaminare e studiare l’efficacia della melatonina anche sull’uomo. Se i risultati verranno confermati anche sui pazienti affetti da obesità e diabete, si potranno aiutare moltissime persone, data la diffusione di queste patologie. La melatonina, è un ormone, prodotto anche dal nostro organismo, ed inoltre può essere introdotto con la dieta data la sua presenza (piccole quantità) in alcuni alimenti, come ciliegie, semi di girasole, mandorle, senape e finocchio. L’integrazione di melatonina dovuta all’introduzione di questi alimenti, va a sommarsi alla quantità prodotta dall’organismo e a compiere, comunque, un effetto benefico sul corpo. Fonte:

Pubblichiamo con piacere il commento di Sergio Stagnaro: ; ;  

6 June, 2011

Pineal Research Editors,


I have read a lot of fascinating articles on the beneficial effects of Melatonin on coronary artery disorder, published on Pineal Research.

I think that the more important effects of Melatonin, whose action mechanisms are more complex than generally admitted (1-15), are overlooked, because Authors ignore CAD Inherited Real Risk, and Newborn-Pathological, type I, subtype b) aspecific, Endoarteriolar Blocking Devices.

As a matter of fact, physicians all around the world must know exactly both the real quantum-biophysical-semeiotic constitutions and related inherited real risk of all individuals enrolled in whatever study (  Notoriously, coronary inherited real risk, as well as subclinical, and consequently very dangerous, coronary heart disease are very prevalent among older individuals, independently associated with atually known risk of CAD , and substantially increases the risk (presence of newborn, pathological, type I, subtype b)  aspecific, Endoarteriolar Blocking Devices in coronary small arteries, according to Hammersen), among individuals with hypertension or diabetes mellitus. Melatonin, ameliorating the underlying mitochondrial cytopathy, I descovered 35 years ago and termed Congenital Acidosic Enzyme-Metabolic Histngiopathy (1-6), influences positively such a pathological condition, tranforming it in its "residual" variant.

In following, I suggest - once again - an useful, reliable and easy clinical manoeuvre, that allows doctor to recognize both CAD Inherited Real Risk and silent CAD (1-3). This manoeuvre proved to be really useful in my 55-year-long clinical experience, also in order to the bed-side recognizing heart ischaemic disease before cardiac pathology occurs. Moreover, it is well known that patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) may have no symptoms at all for many years or decades and that the electrocardiographic features of ischaemia may be induced by exercise without accompaning angina (1). (For further information: See web site, Practical Applications). In other words, we need a clinical tool reliable in rapid detecting CAD, even clinically silent, initiating from CAD “real risk”, doctor can now utilize in his day-to-day practice (1). I think surely that one method is "Myocardial Ischaemic Biophysical- Semeiotic Preconditioning", described elsewhere(1-3). >From the tehnical viewpoint, doctor has to know, at least, the auscultatory percussion of the stomach, described even in old acàdemic books of two last centuries (Rasario IX edition). Briefly, in healthy individuals, digital pressure of mean intensity, applied upon heart cutaneous projection area, brings about the so-called gastric aspecific reflex (= in the stomach, fundus and body are dilated; on the contrary, antral-pyloric region contracts) after an age-dependent latency time of 8 sec., that lasts less than 4 sec. (= parameter value of paramount significance since it parallels the efficicacy of coronary microvessel Microcirculatory Funcional Reserve).

A second, successive evaluation after an interval of 5 sec. exactly, provokes the identical reflex, but after lt. of 12 sec. or more: physiological myocardial preconditioning, typeI.

On the contrary, in patients involved by CAD, even silent, i.e. subclinical,latency time persists identical in both evaluations, or results clearly lower in the second one, in relation with disease seriousness: type II and respectively type III precosnditioning. Of course, biophysical semeiotic preconditioning evaluation, really more complex than it appears in the above brief description, can be applied to all others biological systems, with favourable influences on primary prevention and diagnosis (1-12).


Sergio Stagnaro MD

Via Erasmo Piaggio 23/8

16039 Riva Trigoso (Genoa) Italy

Founder of Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics

Who's Who in the World (and America)

since 1996

Honorary President of International Society of

Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics

Ph 0039-0185-42315

Cell. 3338631439






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