To USA Food and Drugs Administration. Sergio Stagnaro MD.

To USA Food and Drugs Administration,

regarding FDA NEWS RELEASE. For Immediate Release: April 29, 2010. FDA Approves a Cellular Immunotherapy for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Provenge (sipuleucel-T), a new therapy at URL, I have just commented on Nature Spoonful of Medicine, you must admitt that the vaccine best indication is the unfortunately OVERLOOKED Prostate Cancer Oncological-Dependent INHERITED Real Risk, I have described earlier (1-6).
Bedside Diagnosing Prostate Cancer Oncological Inherited Real Risk and overt Cancer.

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In my 55-year-long well established clinical experience, Massucco's sign * proved to be a reliable and useful tool for early bed-side detecting prostate cancer, since its first stage, i.e., INHERITED Real Risk, mainly overlooked by phisicians all around the world, in individuals obviously involved by Oncological Terrain, (1-9) (See my website,, Oncological Terrain).

In health, lying down on supine position, psycho-physically relaxed, and with open eyes to lower endogenous melatonin secretion, lasting cutaneous pinch of XI thoracic dermatomere, at right or left, i.e., prostate trigger-points (= groin divers regions trigger-points), brings about aspecific gastric reflex (= stomach fundus and body dilate, while antral-pyloric region contracts), after a latency time of exact 8 sec.

The reflex lasts physiologically “less” than 4 sec. (NN > 3 sec. < 4 sec.indicating a normal Microcirculatory Functional Reserve; it's relly a paramount parameter value, since it parallels fractal dimension of related microvessell fluctuations) and then disappears for > 3 < 4 sec. corrisponding precisely to fractal dimension of local microvessell fluctuation, corroborating the interne coherence of the theory! Both parameter values proved to be of paramount importance from prostate cancer diagnose and primary prevention viewpoint, because parallel the Microcirculatory Functional Reserve activity, and, respectively, the fractal dimension of prostate microcirculatory dynamics: Massucco's sign negative (1-9).

On the contrary, in prostate cancer, since its earliest stage, i.e., Oncological Terrain-Dependent, prostate cancer INHERITED Real Risk, latency time is £ 8 sec. (NN = 8 sec.), but reflex duration interestingly is ³ 4 sec. (NN > 3 < 4 sec.), and finally stomach contracts "pathologically": tonic Gastric Contraction (tGC), which is physiologically absent. These parameter values, related to the severity of underlying malignancy, indicate prostatic microcirculatory abnormalities, so-called “microcirculatory remodelling”, based on newborn-pathological, type I, subtype a), oncological, Endoarteriolar Blocking Devices, I discovered (1, 8, 9). More precisely speaking, lt. becomes shorter than the normal 8 sec. in inverse relation to the tumour invasion. In day-to-day practice, biophysical semeiotic prostate "preconditioning" is very useful and reliable: exactly 5 sec. after the basal carrying out, when prostatic Microcirculatory Functional Reserve is activated, doctor performs the described manoeuvre a second time: in health, where tGC. is always absent, all parameters values improve in a clear-cut manner: latency time reises to 16 sec. On the contrary, they either persist unchanged or increase not significantly in relation to the severity of prostate inherited cancer “real risk”. Finally latency time worsens in a clear-cut manner in case of overt prostate cancer, since initial stages of its evolution. Massucco’s sign, easy to perform and reliable at the bed-side, is really useful in both prostate cancer clinical screening and diagnosis, among a large variety of other remarkable biophysical-semeiotic signs.

In addition, as I described previously (2-9), malignancies occur on the base of a genetically transmitted mitochondrial cytopathology, I named Congenital Acidosic Enzyme-Metabolic Histangiopathy, conditio sine qua non of Oncological Terrain. Such as inherited abnormalities of psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunological system is almost in all cases transmitted by mother. Therefore, it is non-sense, for instance, to ask a patient’s father wether or not is, or was, involved by prostate cancer, as well as assess PSA and newly discovered mutated genes level in men without Oncological Terrain and/or Prostate Cancer Real Risk.

* I have Dedicated - in memoriam - to my friend Amedeo Massucco, former physician in Riva Trigoso, Genoa, Italy.

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