Il trattamento con melatonina ritarda l'invecchiamento ovarico

La melatonina, grazie alle sue proprietā antiossidanti, č un agente anti-invecchiamento. Il presente studio ha esaminato gli effetti a lungo termine del trattamento con melatonina in rapporto all'invecchiamento ovarico; č risultato che l'assunzione di melatonina ritarda l'invecchiamento ovarico.

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Long term melatonin treatment delays ovarian aging
J Pineal Res. 2016 Nov 27;:

Authors: Tamura H, Kawamoto M, Sato S, Tamura I, Maekawa R, Taketani T, Aasada H, Takaki E, Nakai A, Reiter RJ, Sugino N

Ovarian aging is characterized by gradual declines in oocyte quantity and quality. Melatonin is considered an anti-aging agent due to its cytoprotective actions as an antioxidant. The present study examined whether long-term melatonin treatment would delay ovarian aging in mice. Female ICR mice (10 weeks old) were given melatonin-containing water (100 μg/ml; melatonin) or water only until 43 weeks of age. Their oocytes were recovered from the oviduct, and in vitro fertilization was performed. The ovaries were used for a histological analysis of the number of follicles. The mRNA expression of the aging-related sirtuin genes (SIRT1, 3) and for the autophagy-related gene (LC3), and the telomere length of the ovarian chromosomes were analyzed. Transcriptome changes in the ovaries were also characterized using microarray. The number of ovulated oocytes decreased with age, however, it was greater in melatonin treated mice than that from control animals. The decreased fertilization rate and blastocyst rate during aging also were higher in the melatonin-treated mice than in the controls, as were the numbers of primordial, primary, and antral follicles. The mRNA expression of SIRT1 and LC3, and telomere length were enhanced due to melatonin treatment. Seventy-eight genes that were down-regulated during aging and up-regulated by melatonin were identified by a microarray analysis. Forty of these 78 genes were ribosome-related genes, and a free radical scavenging network was identified. The present results indicate that melatonin delays ovarian aging by multiple mechanisms including antioxidant action, maintaining telomeres, stimulating SIRT expression and ribosome function, and by reducing autophagy. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Source: PMID: 27889913 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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