Bassi livelli di melatonina nei lavoratori con turni notturni

Un'ulteriore studio, condotto coinvolgendo medici turnisti della Corea del Sud, conferma l'alterazione del ritmo circadiano nei lavoratori con turni di notte.

Decreased concentration of serum melatonin in nighttime compared with daytime female medical technologists in South Korea.

Chronobiol Int. 2016 Jul 6;:1-6

Authors: Song G, Yoon KA, Chi H, Roh J, Kim JH

Working during the night can disrupt the normal circadian rhythm by altering the melatonin level. A low level of melatonin is associated with an increased risk of cancer, possibly by decreasing the expression of tumor-suppressor genes, such as p53. To determine whether nighttime work is associated with melatonin level in serum as well as the expression of related genetic markers, we enrolled 100 female nighttime medical technologists employed at a hospital in South Korea. Melatonin concentration and melatonin receptor 1 (MT1) expression were significantly lower in nighttime than in daytime workers (1.84 pg/mL versus 4.04 pg/mL; 1.16 versus 1.61, respectively). However, p53 expression showed no difference between the groups. In summary, nighttime work could be an important risk factor for circadian disruption, but not a direct risk factor for cancer in medical technologists in South Korea.

PMID: 27385051 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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